Forgotten Filmcast Episode 150: Continental Divide

The Forgotten Filmcast hits the big 150 this week! This time, Todd is joined by Richard Kirkham from 80's Nostalgia Central to discuss the 1981 romantic comedy Continental Divide, starring John Belushi and Blair Brown. Download the Show:iTunesPodomaticYour Listen Show Notes:80's Nostalgia CentralRichard on TwitterLAMBcast Movies Discussed:Continental DivideGorillas in the MistFirstborn Music:"Protofunk" Kevin MacLeod ( Continue Reading →

Joy of Sex

Every now and then a movie comes out that is based on a book that everyone said was “unfilmable.” From Lolita, to Naked Lunch, to Cloud Atlas, just a few of the books some said would never make it to the screen. And then we have Alex Comfort’s 1972 sex manual The Joy of Sex.... Continue Reading →

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