Hollywood marriages are not usually expected to have a very long shelf life. They’re lucky if they last a few years. Then there are the exceptions like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. These two are getting close to 30 years together. For a Hollywood couple that’s pretty darn impressive. So where did it all begin?... Continue Reading →

Summer Rental

I miss John Candy. It’s hard to believe it’s been 18 years since we lost this comedy giant. When I think about his career, there are just so many hilarious movie moments that stand out. “Uncle Buck,” “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles,” “Vacation,” “The Blues Brothers,” and if you’ve never seen his work on SCTV you’re... Continue Reading →

Crush-a-Thon: Career Opportunities

During that time between graduating from college and starting my “career,” I spent about six months working at Target. I worked the early shift...4 AM to 12:30 PM...unloading the truck and stocking shelves. I have no complaints about the experience, the Target Team was good to me. But pretty much every day I worked there,... Continue Reading →

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