Hillbillys in a Haunted House

What’s Halloween without a trip to a haunted house, right? Let’s get some creaking doors, plenty of cobwebs, eyes peering out from behind a painting, maybe a skeleton or two...oh and how about some hillbillies? That can be scary! Remember Deliverance? Our movie today brings us a haunted house full of country music singin’ hillbilies... Continue Reading →

Monster in the Closet

Pixar had great success by taking that idea of monsters that hide in closets and turning it into a classic of animation. But long before John Lasseter and company explored this concept, so did Lloyd Kaufman and his band of troublemakers at Troma. The end product was quite different, of course. However the resulting film is... Continue Reading →

Shock Waves

If you’re looking for really nasty villains for your movie, Nazis are as good a choice as anything. From Indiana Jones to the Blues Brothers, the best of them have gone up against Nazis. And if you’re Mel Brooks they are a constant source of comedy gold! Our movie today, however, asks the question of... Continue Reading →

Sex Kittens Go to College

Before you all get the wrong idea, no I haven’t taken a journey to that back room of the video store for this review. The title certainly sounds like it could’ve come from that section. The title is just the start, though. This film features college kids, sexy teachers, gangsters, a monkey, and a robot... Continue Reading →

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