Frankenstein Unbound

Throughout high school and college one of my regular activities was to hit the neighborhood video stores and pick up some of the movie posters they had for a few bucks. One of the coolest ones I ever picked up (and I still have it) featured a giant eyeball with several different colored irises stitched... Continue Reading →

From the Hip

I’ve only really spent time in a courtroom once in my life. I ended up with jury duty and after a jury selection process that was essentially an hour-long game of musical chairs, I ended up with the last seat in the box. Then, after a day of listening to the trial, the jury was... Continue Reading →

The Pied Piper

Why do movie producers so often believe that if someone is a talented musician that they must also be a talented actor? I mean, they never figure that someone who’s a good plumber would also make a good actor. But musicians, we see them in the movies all the time. Today’s film features the singer... Continue Reading →

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