Cry Tough

I’ve gradually tried to introduce my kids to various classic films. I don’t want them just growing up watching “Kung Fu Panda” all the time. One of the film’s we watched together was “West Side Story,” it’s a Best Picture winner, after all. The original show first hit Broadway in 1957, the movie came in... Continue Reading →

Queen of Blood

During last year’s Halloween series, I reviewed a film called “It! The Terror from Beyond Space.” Many point to this film as being a possible inspiration for Ridley Scott’s “Alien.” Today’s film is another which could’ve served as somewhat of an inspiration for that film. It was released in 1966 on a double bill with... Continue Reading →

Battle Beyond the Stars

After “Star Wars” hit it big in 1977, sci-fi was in again, and studios scrambled to get outer space adventure films into the pipeline.  Of course, Roger Corman was one of them.  1980’s “Battle Beyond the Stars” was his biggest production to date, but it was a familiar story.  Screenwriter John Sayles turned to Akira... Continue Reading →

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