National Lampoon’s Cattle Call

In this time of #MeToo and revelations involving producers like Harvey Weinstein allegedly trading roles for sex, we come to a film that is not going to have aged well for many. It’s one thing, though, when it’s a creepy overweight dude like Weinstein, and a whole other story when it’s a bunch of young... Continue Reading →

The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh

There is something wonderfully funky about basketball in the 70’s. Big hair, knee socks...somehow the sport was a perfect fit for the disco era. One of the big stars of the NBA at the time was Julius Erving...aka Dr. J. He became a big enough celebrity that someone even decided to try and make him... Continue Reading →

Alakazam the Great

Today, Japanese animation is a huge part of our American pop culture.  When I was a kid we’d watch shows like “Battle of the Planets” or “Voltron” just like they were any other show.  Sure we wondered why the characters mouth movements never seemed to match up, but we could live with that.  Nowdays, even... Continue Reading →

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