Just the Way You Are

The era of the Brat Pack officially launched in 1984, but paving the way for them just a few years earlier was Kristy McNichol. She earned both fame and critical praise for her Emmy nominated role on the series Family and went on to appear in films like The End and Little Darlings. By 84,... Continue Reading →

The Pirate Movie

In 1980, theater producer Joseph Papp famously brought the Gilbert & Sullivan musical The Pirates of Penzance back to the stage with huge success. A film version featuring many of the original Broadway cast members would follow in 1983, but a year earlier, another film that mixed the original songs with new pop songs and... Continue Reading →

White Dog

WC Fields is famous for having said, “never work with children or animals.” Today we meet an animal that certainly justifies Field’s statement in Samuel Fuller’s 1982 film “White Dog.” The film features a racist dog, trained to attack and kill black people. It’s a film that was considered so controversial at the time of... Continue Reading →

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