The Stuff

Director Larry Cohen is known for making movies featuring some strange monsters. He made a film about an ancient winged creature terrorizing New York City, and three films about monster infants...but are you ready for a movie about killer cake frosting? Tell the Blob to step aside! Well, I guess it can’t really “step,” it... Continue Reading →

Full Moon High

In the 70’s and 80’s one of the big names in B-movies was Larry Cohen. He was known for a wide variety of movies, including blaxploitation films like Black Caesar and Hell up in Harlem, giant monster movies like Q, and all three chapters of the It’s Alive series of monster baby movies. In our... Continue Reading →

Special Effects

When it comes to B-movies, for better or worse, Larry Cohen is one of the kings. He’s the director of films like Q, It’s Alive, and The Stuff. He’s also written many others including several entries in the Maniac Cop series and more mainstream films like Phone Booth and Cellular. Hopefully he wasn’t being autobiographical... Continue Reading →


Some cities just have all the fun when it comes to giant monster attacks. You’d think Tokyo has the corner on the market, but New York has certainly dealt with their share of giant creatures, too. I guess after King Kong, New Yorkers can handle anything. But Kong was like a girl scout compared to... Continue Reading →

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