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It’s been a bit too long since we paid a visit to the Bowery Boys. To be honest, we could fuel this blog for a long time just doing reviews of their movies. There were 48 films in their long-running series, and that’s not even counting all the films the team made under their various... Continue Reading →

The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters

Putting classic comedy teams up against movie monsters has been a popular movie formula. Probably the most famous example is the 1948 classic Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. They would later meet the Mummy and the Invisible Man in other films. Another comedy team that would meet up with monsters in several films were the... Continue Reading →

Bowery Bombshell

The Bowery Boys were the stars of one of the longest running film series of all time. They made 48 feature films, and that’s not even counting the films that many of the same actors made under other team names such as The Dead End Kids, The East Side Kids, and Little Tough Guys. That... Continue Reading →

In Fast Company

I know a lot of people complain about some movie series’ getting out-of-control with the number of sequels, but there is a part of me that enjoys getting to revisit characters again and again. Quite frankly, today’s film series are nothing compared to the number of instalments that we saw in the classic film era.... Continue Reading →

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