Savage Island

There is something amazing about the art of the VHS box...especially in the 80’s. As long as your flick had box art that looked cool, you could get a lot of rentals even if the movie was crap. The box didn’t even need to reflect what actually happens in the movie! For example, our film... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Filmcast Episode 17: Hell Night

We continue with our month of scary movies with the latest episode of the Forgotten Fimcast. This time, Todd is joined by Bernardo Villela from The Movie Rat to talk about a horror movie featuring Linda Blair. No, not The Exorcist! It's 1981's Hell Night. Download the Show: iTunes Podomatic Your Listen Show Notes: The... Continue Reading →

Hell Night

It only takes one good turn in a horror movie for a young actress to get labeled a “scream queen” and end up cast in scary movie after scary movie. It happened to Jamie Lee Curtis after she starred in “Halloween,” but today’s movie stars the other great scream queen of the 70’s...Linda Blair. When... Continue Reading →

Roller Boogie

Everyone knows that Linda Blair played the girl who was possessed in “The Exorcist.”  She managed to move past the whole pea soup thing and become quite a teenage dreamgirl for many young men in the 70's.  She also ended up starring in many more horror films, but there was the occasional departure.  In 1979,... Continue Reading →

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