Forgotten Filmcast Episode 7: Condorman

It's time for another installment of the Forgotten Filmcast. This time around we launch into the realm of superhero films with Disney's 1981 film "Condorman." Joining Todd for the discussion this time is Bubba Wheat from Flights, Tights and Movie Nights. Be sure to send some comments and feedback after you listen to the show... Continue Reading →

The Knack…and How to Get It

It only takes one film where everything just comes together perfectly to propel a director’s career into the next level. That hit gives the filmmaker greater possibilities to do new and different things. For director Richard Lester, that film was “A Hard Days Night.” It’s not just one of the great rock films, but a... Continue Reading →

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Is it me, or does anyone else out there find the characters from the Broadway musical Cats to be a bit scary.  I mean, you have these human/feline hybrids prancing around the stage wiggling their jazz hands with this makeup that resembles what you might get out of a state fair facepainting booth.  Sorry, but... Continue Reading →

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