Horrors of the Black Museum

As someone who came to maturity as a film fan in the 80’s, I always associate actor Michael Gough with one role in particular...Alfred in Tim Burton’s Batman. Of course, he has had many other film roles...over 150, in fact. He especially made his mark with horror films, joining the ranks of other British horror... Continue Reading →


You just never know with cavemen. There’s the friendly sort...like Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble; scootin’ around in their little foot-powered cars, using a baby wooly mammoth to vacuum the floor. Then there’s the sexy sort, like Raquel Welch in One MIllion Years B.C. But every now and then we run into some nasty old... Continue Reading →


When it comes to monkey movies, there’s just no beating “King Kong.” It’s the movie so nice they made it thrice! Kong is a tough act to beat, but still there are several other maniac monkey movies out there. Since Kong had already taken a bite out of the big apple, our movie today features... Continue Reading →

The Crimson Cult

Hollywood loves “team-ups.” You know, they take two big movie icons and put them together in a movie. I remember when I was a kid a big deal was made of having Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds “together at last” in the movie “City Heat.” It ended up bombing. But today’s movie brings together two... Continue Reading →

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