Muppet Show Commentary Tracks on Patreon

We've got a brand new bonus for our Patreon supporters today! In my opinion, the greatest television show ever produced was The Muppet Show! I tuned in to the show religiously when I was a kid. Every Saturday night at 6:30 PM. I will never forget the heartache I felt when I tuned in one... Continue Reading →

Recent Guest Post at Do You Remember

Last week we saw the release of a new Muppet movie. I am a huge Muppet fan so it was a great thrill for me to be able to write a Muppet-related post for my friends at last week. It focuses on some of the best guest stars in the history of The Muppet... Continue Reading →


I don’t think I’ve mentioned here on the blog what I do for a living. It always gets a big reaction when people, trying to make small talk, casually ask me what I do, and I answer, “I’m a professional puppeteer.” That’s the truth...and I love it! Of course, the work of Jim Henson and... Continue Reading →

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