Great Villain Blogathon: Butch & The Woim

This is Forgotten Films' second entry in the Great Villain Blogathon. Be sure to visit Speakeasy, Silver Screenings and Shadows and Satin to check out the other entries in the series. When we think of the Little Rascals (or Our Gang as they were originally known) certain classic characters always come to mind. Kids like... Continue Reading →

Joy Scouts

I’m not exactly the outdoorsy type. Maybe that’s why I didn’t go very far in the Boy Scouts. I probably got somewhat turned off by the whole thing when one of the first campouts I went on as a scout was something they called “The Polar Bear.” It’s simple...we camped out in tents, in the... Continue Reading →

Boy of the Streets

There are two roles which I will always remember Jackie Cooper for. First, of course, is the role he played in many of the Our Gang shorts. He was kind of the clean-cut, but tough kid...and he was the one with the crush on his teacher, Miss Crabtree. The second role I remember him for... Continue Reading →

Aladdin’s Lantern

The Little Rascals were a summertime TV tradition when I was a kid. A solid two-hour block of the Rascals (originally known as Our Gang) aired along with The Three Stooges every weekday. I loved those films and it truly saddens me that the youngsters of today don’t get to experience these films like I... Continue Reading →

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