Movie Cereal – Panther Girl of the Kongo, Chapter 12 – House of Doom

In our last adventure, Larry had captured the villainous Returi warrior Orto (we’re just learning his name now) and was heading out on a boat to find Cass and Rand, However, they show up and start shooting, causing the boat to capsize. Orto swims for shore but Larry vanishes beneath the water. He’s been holding... Continue Reading →

Movie Cereal – Panther Girl of the Kongo, Chapter 11: Double Danger

Last time we were in the jungle we saw…well…a lot of flashbacks. Last week we had the clip episode, remember? Still, the episode did end with some new footage, where Cass and Rand lob some dynamite into the hut where Larry, Jean, and the commissioner are meeting. Do they all get turned to dust? Let’s... Continue Reading →

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