Forgotten Filmcast Episode 25: Where the Buffalo Roam

We're unleashing the latest episode of the Forgotten Filmcast a day early this week since we're starting a special series on Monday. Stay tuned for more info on that. This time, Todd is joined by Professor Mortis from the League of Dead Films to discuss the first attempt to bring the writings of Dr. Hunter... Continue Reading →


I was an average student in my school days. Math was never really my thing, science was a bit more interesting, but that’s a subject I enjoyed. I still enjoy learning about history, and I certainly enjoy history movies. But, you can’t really trust Hollywood in the history department. In fact, rewriting it is... Continue Reading →

The Monitors

In the world of the movies, most aliens are ugly nasty guys.  They’re always wanting to blow up the world or take over someone’s mind.  It’s no wonder some plucky earthlings are always trying to kill them.  But the aliens in today’s movie, 1969’s “The Monitors” are nice guys, yet the citizens of Earth are... Continue Reading →

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