Death in Small Doses

Back when I was a young whippersnaper, they had these things called “After School Specials.” This was basically the television network’s attempt to justify their broadcast licences and prove that they actually were trying to operate within the public interest by showing the occasional program that would teach the youngsters a lesson. Don’t drink and... Continue Reading →

Beneath the 12-Mile Reef

A few years ago my family and I spent some vacation time in Florida. One day, we visited the community of Tarpon Springs, right on the gulf of Mexico. It was largely settled by Greeks and it’s primary industry is sponge fishing. There’s even a unique little roadside attraction there known as Spongeorama. I had... Continue Reading →

The Naked Street

Not many B-movies have an acting pedigree quite like today’s movie, 1955’s “The Naked Street.”  It features Academy Award winners Anthony Quinn & Anne Bancroft...not to mention Farley Granger from Hitchock’s “Rope” and “Strangers on a Train,” and the one and only Peter Graves.  I’m more used to films that star Who?, Never-heard-them and What’s-her-face?... Continue Reading →

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