The Organization

There have been a few famous Best Picture Oscar winners that have gotten sequels. Films like The Silence of the Lambs, The Godfather, and Rocky come to mind. Often forgotten, though, are the two follow ups to 1967’s Best Picture, In The Heat of the Night. In both cases, Sidney Poitier returned to play the... Continue Reading →

Frankenstein Unbound

Throughout high school and college one of my regular activities was to hit the neighborhood video stores and pick up some of the movie posters they had for a few bucks. One of the coolest ones I ever picked up (and I still have it) featured a giant eyeball with several different colored irises stitched... Continue Reading →

The Escape Artist

As a puppeteer, I have many friends who are involved in other unique art forms. Ventriloquists, clowns, mimes, storytellers, and, of course, magicians. Over the years I have picked up a few, very easy, tricks. For the most part, though, much of what my magician friends do is still a mystery to me...which is as... Continue Reading →

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