Hannie Caulder

Saturday nights at 6:30 was the time for The Muppet Show. Nothing...and I mean NOTHING...would keep me from this weekly ritual when I was growing up. Because every week there was a different guest star appearing with the Muppets, the show was where I first was exposed to many celebrities for the first time. Now,... Continue Reading →

Movie Madness

Movies with possessives in their titles drive me nuts. You know, like “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Some genius somewhere thinks that’s brilliant marketing. Then there’s John Carpenter’s movies, most of which seem to always be “John Carpenter’s...blah blah blah.” I think it’s all pretty silly, so I choose to drop the possessive from... Continue Reading →


Imagine this scenario: a year and a half before a presidential election, a major film studio releases a movie, based on actual events, where the lead heroic character is the sitting president who will be up for reelection.  In our cynical society of today, we would probably immediately accuse this film of being a feature-length... Continue Reading →

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