Stay Hungry

Did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Golden Globe winner...for acting? It’s true! Once upon a time there was an award for Best Acting Debut in a Motion Picture. Now, this wasn’t for his actual first screen appearance in the titular role of Hercules in New York. I saw you getting nervous there. The... Continue Reading →

The Great Smokey Roadblock

The 70’s is such an interesting time in film history. Many new things were happening, but we were also seeing some of the last remnants of the eras of classic film still hanging on. It’s strange sometimes to see some of the unusual projects that some classic film stars ended up taking on. I certainly... Continue Reading →

Never Too Young to Die

You all know John Stamos, sitcom star who says “Have mercy” and jokes around with toddlers. Or maybe you know John Stamos, the guy who marries swimsuit models/X-men villains. Then again, you may know John Stamos, the guy who slaps a cymbal with his bare hands in the Beach Boys backup band. However, do you... Continue Reading →

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