The Cry Baby Killer

The Cry Baby Killer, released in 1958, is one of those films that is mentioned from time to time but that very few people have actually seen. It has one big claim to fame, it is the film debut of one Jack Nicholson. We always say that everyone has to start somewhere, but in this... Continue Reading →

Gas! or It Became Necessary to Destroy the World in Order to Save it

You know, it’s just the way things go that the younger generation doesn’t quite see things eye to eye with the generations that came before. There are certainly some younger folks who think that things would just be so much better if all the older folks would just hurry up and die already. You need... Continue Reading →

Frankenstein Unbound

Throughout high school and college one of my regular activities was to hit the neighborhood video stores and pick up some of the movie posters they had for a few bucks. One of the coolest ones I ever picked up (and I still have it) featured a giant eyeball with several different colored irises stitched... Continue Reading →

The Trip

Everybody knows Jack Nicholson as an Academy Award winning actor, but his talents aren’t just in front of the camera. He does have a handful of writing credits sprinkled throughout his career. One film that I always remember Nicholson had a hand in writing is Head...the 1968 film debut of the made-for-tv band The Monkees.... Continue Reading →

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