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Roger Corman was a guy who knew how to put butts in seats. While it can certainly be said that he was always coming up with new things, the guy also knew when to stick with a formula. Starting in 1970, Corman’s New World Pictures began a series of films focused on sexy young nurses... Continue Reading →

Eat My Dust

Nowadays we tend to think as Ron Howard, first and foremost, as a director...and maybe as the narrator on Arrested Development. When I was a kid he was Richie Cunningham, one of the lead characters on Happy Days. That was must see TV every Tuesday night in the 70’s. Every now and then he would... Continue Reading →

Night of the Cobra Woman

When it comes to snakes, I'm pretty much in the same camp as Indiana Jones. I can’t stand them! Even the reptile house at the zoo can be a challenge sometimes. Dang things just weird me out. I’m certainly not alone in this opinion, which is why snakes are well suited for horror movies. Today... Continue Reading →

Attack of the Crab Monsters

Pretty much any kind of animal, but giant-sized, can be the springboard for a B horror movie. Giant monkeys, lizards, name it! Today, leave it to our old friend Roger Corman to take seafood and turn it into a monster. I guess that’s one way of thinking of it: giant crustaceans could destroy humanity,... Continue Reading →

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