Guest Post – Underrated Comedies

I always love getting the chance to write for other movie blogs. Today, I'd like to encourage my readers to head on over to Rupert Pupkin Speaks and check out the post I did for their Underrated Comedies series. Rupert Pupkin Speaks is run by Brian Saur, who was my first guest on episode 1... Continue Reading →

VHS Gems – Guest Blogging

Today I want to send you over to the fantastic blog Rupert Pupkin Speaks. Last summer I did a guest post for their "Bad Movies We Love" series, and today they're running my contribution to their current series..."VHS Gems." These posts focus on movies that have never made the transition from VHS to DVD. My... Continue Reading →

Bad Movies We Love – Guest Post

Well, today I want to point my readers over to another great movie blog, "Rupert Pupkin Speaks." It's a great blog all the time, but it's especially great today since I got the chance to be a guest blogger in the "Bad Movies We Love" series. In all seriousness, "Rupert Pupkin Speaks" was one of... Continue Reading →

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