Wild in the Streets

Well kiddos, the election is just about upon us. In just a few hours everyone will be out there trying to cast their ballots. It’s going to be a madhouse! We’re talkin’ tons of people. But imagine how many more people would be in line with you if the voting age were lowered...like, let’s say,... Continue Reading →


“Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.”  That was the tag line on posters for “Jaws 2” in 1978.  Truth is, copycats had already given several other reasons not to go back in the water by this point.  Of course, one of those films came to us courtesy of... Continue Reading →


The DVD I got a hold of for the 1966 film “Harper” features an introduction by TCM’s resident host Robert Osbourne. During this intro he dispenses several bits of trivia about the film, including the fact that Frank Sinatra was originally lined up to play the lead in the film, which was based on the... Continue Reading →

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