Forgotten Filmcast Episode 157: Diary of a Hitman

On the new episode of the Forgotten Filmcast, Todd is joined by Thomas Stoneham-Judge from Movies for Reel to discuss the 1991 film Diary of a Hitman, starring Forest Whitaker and Sherilyn Fenn. Download the Show:iTunesPodomatic Show Notes:Movies for ReelThomas on Twitter Music:"Protofunk" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


I know Josh Brolin is a well respected, Academy Award nominated actor these days, but to me he’ll always be a Goonie. He was never one of the big names when it came to teen stars of the 80’s, but he’s succeeded where many of his peers failed when it comes to keeping his career... Continue Reading →

The Wraith

Ghosts come in all sorts of forms...from Casper to Patrick Swayze. But not all ghosts are content to spent a film singing Herman’s Hermits tunes to Whoopi Goldberg. As evidenced by our film today, there are some spectres who seek out revenge, as many of us would, by challenging those responsible for our murder to... Continue Reading →

Zombie High

Teenagers have often been accused of taking on some zombie-like qualities. Believe me, I know. I have one of my own now and I’ve certainly experienced that undead stare when trying to actually communicate with my 14-year-old. Our film today, takes this whole phenomenon to the extreme with an entire school full of zombies. From... Continue Reading →

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