Shorts Week: A Cowboy Needs a Horse

Do kids still dream of being cowboys? I’m not sure that I ever did. I was too consumed with Star Wars to be thinking about ropin’ and ridin’. I’ve got to admit, though, as an adult living in Colorado...the West...I’ve often thought it’d be cool to go walkin’ around in the full cowboy getup. I... Continue Reading →

Shorts Week: Woman Haters

In my younger days, I spent many summer afternoons watching old Three Stooges films on channel 32 in Chicago. My grandfather especially loved the stooges, so I have fond memories of watching them with him. Their films were shown on television over and over summer after summer. I imagine I have probably seen all of... Continue Reading →

Shorts Week: Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!

I pretty much love everything about the 1988 mix of animation and live action Who Framed Roger Rabbit. One of my favorite moments in whole film is the ending scene where the characters from most of the major Hollywood animation studios join together to sing a wacky little song. Well, it turns out that the... Continue Reading →

Shorts Week: How to Sleep

With the popularity of Jaws in the 1970’s, I became familiar with the name of the man who wrote the novel it was based on, Peter Benchley. Writing was something that ran in the Benchley family apparently, as his grandfather was Robert Benchley, columnist for The New Yorker and member of the famed Algonquin Round... Continue Reading →

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