Movie Cereal: Superman – Chapter 9: Irresistible Force

At the end of our last chapter, a train carrying the Reducer Ray was headed straight for danger as some of the Spider Lady’s goons have rigged some explosives on the tracks. With Clark Kent having accompanied the decoy truck, he’s quite a way away from being able to save the train. Let’s see what... Continue Reading →

Movie Cereal: Superman – Chapter 8: Superman to the Rescue

At the end of our last chapter, Jimmy Olsen had made the mistake of trying to take on the Spider Lady’s men with his fists and now finds himself lying unconscious on a conveyor belt headed for the mouth of a blazing furnace. Meanwhile, Clark Kent is in the next room, unaware of Jimmy’s impending... Continue Reading →

Superman: Chapter 6 – Superman in Danger

Last time we were in Metropolis, Lois Lane was lying unconcious on the floor of the recently deceased Dr. Leeds’ office. That nasty cutting tool they left plugged in is dancing around her, looking to turn her skull into sliced bread. Superman, however, is occupied outside with the burning car the crooks sent as a... Continue Reading →

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