The Trip

Everybody knows Jack Nicholson as an Academy Award winning actor, but his talents aren’t just in front of the camera. He does have a handful of writing credits sprinkled throughout his career. One film that I always remember Nicholson had a hand in writing is Head...the 1968 film debut of the made-for-tv band The Monkees.... Continue Reading →

Scream of Fear

Hammer is a studio synonymous with horror...primarily gothic style horror featuring the likes of Dracula or Frankenstein’s monster. Give them Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, a couple of buckets of bright red blood, and some buxom female co-stars in costumes that were a few sizes too small for them and they’ll give you one heck... Continue Reading →

Bloody Birthday

Horror movie makers seem to love to produce movies based around special days. Christmas, Halloween, Friday the 13th, April Fool’s Day...they’ve all had horror movies connected with them. Today’s film, takes advantage of that special day we all have...a birthday. Add to that another favorite horror movie device, killer kids, and you get 1981’s “Bloody... Continue Reading →

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