National Lampoon’s Pledge This!

There was a time when National Lampoon films were making movie stars out of performers like John Belushi or Chevy Chase. That was the distant past, though, by the time we reached the year 2006. It was a dark time, for rather than centering their films on exceptional comedic performers, they were putting the name... Continue Reading →

The Whoopee Boys

The movie we’re looking at today features comedian Paul Rodriguez, so I was trying to remember when I first became aware of the the Mexican-American comedian. Then as I looked up some of his history it hit me...I remember watching him on a short-lived sitcom (only six episodes) back in 1984 called a.k.a. Pablo. From... Continue Reading →

How I Got Into College

One of my favorite 80’s teen movies is Savage Steve Holland’s “Better Off Dead.” It was never a big hit, but thanks to VHS and many showings on cable TV, the John Cusack comedy almost instantly became a cult classic. Holland’s next film was “One Crazy Summer.” It, once again, starred Cusack and in many... Continue Reading →

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