The Sting II

I’ve mentioned before that my parents were never really big movie people. However, there were a few movies that they made sure me and my siblings saw. These were among the first movies that they rented when we got our first VCR, Christmas 1983. One of the films they made sure we watched was the... Continue Reading →

Won Ton Ton, The Dog who Saved Hollywood

I’ve been a big film fan for over 30 years now, but there are lots of big films that it has taken me some time to get to. Last year, one of those films was the Charles Bronson classic Death Wish. I enjoyed it so much I watched Death Wish II very quickly afterward. Now,... Continue Reading →

The Escape Artist

As a puppeteer, I have many friends who are involved in other unique art forms. Ventriloquists, clowns, mimes, storytellers, and, of course, magicians. Over the years I have picked up a few, very easy, tricks. For the most part, though, much of what my magician friends do is still a mystery to me...which is as... Continue Reading →

Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video

Who would’ve though in 1975 when “Saturday Night Live” debuted that it would still be on the air 37 years later? It’s come pretty close to getting cancelled from time to time, but yet the show has endured. One of the show’s original writer’s was Michael O’Donoghue...he even appeared in the show’s debut skit as... Continue Reading →

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