The Renegade Ranger

One thing that is fun about looking at forgotten films is those times when you see iconic film stars in some not-so-iconic films. 1938’s The Renegade Ranger was a vehicle for popular B-western star George O’Brien. Appearing with him, though, was a young man named Tim Holt, who would go on to star in many... Continue Reading →

Warner Archive New Releases – March 18, 2014

We have a rather large selection of new releases from the Warner Archive this week. First up is the 4th volume of western films featuring Tim Holt. Tim Holt Western Classic Collection Vol. 4 Includes: - Wagon Train (1940) - The Fargo Kid (1940) - Cyclone on Horseback (1941) - Land of the Open Range... Continue Reading →

The Monster that Challenged the World

Accuracy in movie titles has never been a big concern of Hollywood, especially when it comes to B-movies.  In the case of today’s film, an accurate title could’ve been “The Giant Snail that Attacked a Naval Base,” but the filmmakers wisely went with The Monster that Challenged the World instead. Yep folks, you read that... Continue Reading →

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