Hollywood marriages are not usually expected to have a very long shelf life. They’re lucky if they last a few years. Then there are the exceptions like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. These two are getting close to 30 years together. For a Hollywood couple that’s pretty darn impressive. So where did it all begin?... Continue Reading →

Record City

I kind of miss the days of the record store. Sure, some say vinyl is making a bit of a comeback, but it’s not the same. There was something cool about heading down to the record shop and flipping through the albums...taking in all the cover art (much better in the larger format, I must... Continue Reading →

Cherry 2000

It’s incredibly frustrating to think that we are now living in the future that many 80’s movies tried to forecast and it just ain’t near as wild as those flicks made it out to be. Back to the Future Part II is the film everyone talks about. It was set in 2015, just two years... Continue Reading →

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