Daughters of Satan

Everybody knows by now that Tom Selleck is the man who was almost Indiana Jones. What stopped him? Well, he couldn’t manage to do that film and still keep his commitment to his hit TV show, Magnum P.I. Though he’s had a few movie hits, he’s always been thought of as more of a TV... Continue Reading →


In 1984 Tom Selleck was still a major TV star thanks to the success of Magnum PI. However, I imagine that he was still feeling a bit of a sting from having to turn down the role of Indiana Jones due to his commitments to that show. Still, attempts were being made to turn him... Continue Reading →

High Road to China

It’s pretty much common knowledge that the role of Indiana Jones was originally offered to Tom Selleck. However, due to his commitment to his series Magnum P.I., he had to turn it down. Enter Harrison Ford, and the rest is history. After “Raiders of the Lost Ark” was such a huge hit, there were, of... Continue Reading →

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