When it comes to the question of who is the greatest baseball player of all time there are two camps. Those who say Babe Ruth and those who say Ty Cobb. Honestly, I think the more serious students of the national pastime would be pretty much unanimous in backing Cobb. The challenge, however, has to... Continue Reading →

Black Moon Rising

I have never been much of a car person.  A car is something that gets me where I need to go...I don’t care much about what it looks like, as long as I get there.  But cars seem to be a big deal to a lot of people.  When it comes to movies, I’ve often... Continue Reading →

Abe Lincoln in Illinois

Have you ever heard someone say that a certain actor was “born to play that part?”  Not to discredit anybody's acting abilities, but often that assessment is based on appearance.  Many years before Robert Downey Jr. was chosen to play the title role in “Chaplin,” the thought occurred to me that he certainly looked like... Continue Reading →

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