I’ll Take Sweden

Though Bob Hope had a big career in the movies, I always think of his TV specials first. My family would always tune in for his NBC specials when I was a kid. I always remember the ones where he would introduce all the players on the All-American college football team. I still haven’t seen... Continue Reading →

Sex Kittens Go to College

Before you all get the wrong idea, no I haven’t taken a journey to that back room of the video store for this review. The title certainly sounds like it could’ve come from that section. The title is just the start, though. This film features college kids, sexy teachers, gangsters, a monkey, and a robot... Continue Reading →

Rock, Rock, Rock!

In 1956 rock ‘n roll was the new thing and teenagers wanted more of it! They wanted it on their record players, in the jukebox, on television, and, of course, on movie screens. It wasn’t even important to have much of a story...as long as the film featured a bunch of new rock acts, kids... Continue Reading →

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