Walt Sent Me Episode 91: Fright Night

Kristen and Todd discuss some spooky stuff on this week's episode of Walt Sent Me. Get ready to look at the 2011 remake of Fright Night, a DreamWorks production released through Disney's Touchstone Pictures. Also on tap is the 1929 Silly Symphony Hell's Bells. Download the Show: iTunes Podomatic Your Listen


Even people who aren’t fans of classic animation know at least a little bit about the character known as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. He was originally created by Walt Disney for Universal Pictures. After a somewhat successful run with Oswald, however, producer Charles Mintz decided that Disney should be rewarded with a 20% pay cut.... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Disney: Education for Death

We conclude our Forgotten Disney series today with a very un-Disney Disney film. One of the many propaganda pieces the studio made during World War II, 1943's "Education for Death." Our guest reviewer is Dan Heaton. Dan has been writing about film, TV, and music for nearly 15 years.  He started doing really basic reviews... Continue Reading →

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