Forgotten Disney: White Wilderness

Our next guest post for the Forgotten Disney series takes us into the realm of Disney's True-Life Adventures...and a notorious one at that, 1958's "White Wilderness."  Our reviewer for today is Andy Staats. Andy hails from the Chicagoland area and runs the site Andy Watches Movies. He started the site in March of 2012 as... Continue Reading →

Victory Through Air Power

When Disney released “Tangled” a year or so ago, they promoted the film as being their 50th animated feature film.  Some Disney fans, this one included, have a problem with their math, however.  At least one film was left out of that count.  It is a film that very few have seen since it’s initial... Continue Reading →

Pass the Biscuits, Mirandy

In the world of classic animation there are two “Walts.” Everyone knows Walt Disney, of course...the other is Walter Lantz, the creator of Woody Woodpecker. It seems to me like Lantz was always sort of in Disney’s shadow. One of his big breaks was taking over Disney’s Oswald the Lucky Rabbit after Universal’s Charles Mintz... Continue Reading →

Midnight Madness

Up until 1979, the only rating Disney movies had ever received from the MPAA was the family friendly G.  It was 1979’s “The Black Hole” that first earned a PG for the studio.  But a year later, Disney released another PG rated film called “Midnight Madness.”  This one was a comedy and it’s PG rated... Continue Reading →

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