Split Decisions

There are a handful of actors who I so admire that I will watch anything they appeared in. Gene Hackman is one of those actors. I wouldn’t care if everyone said it was the worst movie ever made, if Gene Hackman is in it, there’s going to be something worth watching. So, that’s why on... Continue Reading →

Head Office

I’ve always considered it an achievement in my life that I’ve never had a job that required me to wear a suit. They seem designed to be uncomfortable and I can’t imagine how anyone could ever be productive wearing one. Needless to say, the world of big business is not my jam. Films like 1985’s... Continue Reading →

Wanted Dead or Alive

In the late 50’s, a western television series called Wanted Dead or Alive made a star out of a young actor named Steve McQueen. The series followed the exploits of bounty hunter Josh Randall for three seasons. Now jump forward to 1987 when New World Pictures brought a film version to the screen. However, westerns... Continue Reading →

Campus Man

In the 80’s, movie theaters were flooded with films aimed at teens and young people. This was fine with me since I myself was a teen at this time. Come on, you think in 1987 I was heading out to the theater to see 84 Charing Cross Lane? Heck no! I was shelling out for... Continue Reading →

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