Forgotten Disney: Education for Death

We conclude our Forgotten Disney series today with a very un-Disney Disney film. One of the many propaganda pieces the studio made during World War II, 1943's "Education for Death." Our guest reviewer is Dan Heaton. Dan has been writing about film, TV, and music for nearly 15 years.  He started doing really basic reviews... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Disney: Charlie the Lonesome Cougar

Today our Forgotten Disney post gives us a lovable Disney animal, but not the animated sort. It's 1967's "Charlie the Lonesome Cougar." Today's guest reviewer is the Retro Hound, Robert Lindsey. Robert Lindsey runs the blog By day he's an academic librarian in the great state of Kansas. He is happily married for 20... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Disney: Candleshoe

Today's entry in the Forgotten Disney series takes us to a time when the reigning Disney teen star wasn't the likes of Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus...but Jodie Foster. The film is 1977's "Candleshoe." Our guest reviewer is Richard Winters. Richard calls himself a forty-something movie maven. He particularly enjoys lost and obscure films.  He... Continue Reading →

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