The Bride 2

The Bride

I love the Universal monster movies! The Frankenstein films are my favorites. The first three entries in the series are just plain fantastic. I continually go back and forth as to whether the original Frankenstein or the sequel, The Bride of Frankenstein, is better. The third film, Son of Frankenstein, is criminally underrated. Every few…

Twins of Evil 7

Twins of Evil

As I see it there are three primary components of most Hammer Studios horror films: creepy atmosphere, a scary monster, and a few gorgeous women. Add Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing or both to the mix and you’ve got a movie! As Hammer’s movies started to enter the 70’s they, like the rest of the movie…


Halloween 2014

It’s hard to believe it’s already October. That means it’s time to start Forgotten Films’ annual salute to movies that go bump in the night. Join us throughout the whole month of October as we explore forgotten Halloween appropriate flicks.