Invaders from Mars

At Halloween time we tend to focus on monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, or the Wolfman - but what about the sort of horrors that come from other planets? After all, aliens can be gross, slimy and downright mean. If only all aliens were just popping over to say “Hi,” like good ole E.T. But no,... Continue Reading →

Embrace of the Vampire

We all know that making the transition from child star to serious adult actress is never an easy thing. At times, some actresses end up in some fairly explicit roles while trying to make it clear that they’re all grown up now. Take Who’s the Boss co-star Alyssa Milano who, just a few years after... Continue Reading →

The Curse of the Werewolf

A year or so ago I reviewed a film which featured British actor Oliver Reed. After reading the review a friend of mine turned me on to the gold mine of bizarre videos one encounters by going to YouTube and typing in the worlds “Oliver Reed Drunk.” Apparently, the star was known for turning up... Continue Reading →

The Changeling

In the late 70’s the success of the book and film The Amityville Horror brought with it considerable interest in the subject of haunted houses. That story was supposedly based on actual events, which added another level to the horror. Another film that claimed to be based on a real life haunted house story is... Continue Reading →

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