Big League Blogathon – 6th Inning

We've got some more great bloggers contributing to the Big League Blogathon today! Be sure to check them out and be sure to jump back and check out some of the week's earlier contributors. Ruth at Silver Screenings looks at Jackie Robinson playing himself in The Jackie Robinson Story. Steve at 1001 Plus looks at... Continue Reading →

Headin’ Home

Baseball players as actors!?!? Sure, why not? Who wouldn’t want to see their favorite big league star up there on the big-screen. And if you’re going to try and turn a baseball player into a movie star, why not start with the biggest of all time. Ladies and gentleman, I give you the one and... Continue Reading →

Big League Blogathon – 5 Man Rotation

Today is the home opener for my current hometown team, The Rockies. I'm stuck in rainy Pittsburgh today. At least if I can't enjoy what we call "Baseball with Altitude" back home I can enjoy today's awesome bunch of Blogathon contributors. Hal from The Horn Section heads to the Astrodome for the 2nd adventure with... Continue Reading →

The Screwball

There are certain scenarios that are often used in animated shorts. For example, it seems like most major cartoon characters have been involved in a bullfight at some time. Bugs Bunny has done it, so has Goofy, Popeye and others. Another favorite is putting these characters into the wide world of sports...and that includes baseball.... Continue Reading →

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