Forgotten Filmcast Episode 99: Corvette Summer

Corvette Summer.png

For the 99th episode of the Forgotten Filmcast Todd is joined by Brandon Peters from Cult Cinema Cavalcade to talk about that other Mark Hamill movie, 1978’s Corvette Summer.

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Show Notes:
Cult Cinema Cavalcade
Brandon on Twitter

Movies discussed:
Corvette Summer
Lady Bird
Eat My Dust

4 thoughts on “Forgotten Filmcast Episode 99: Corvette Summer

  1. I was kind of surprised you guys didn’t mention (in your overview of his career or discussion of Corvette Summer being his “real movie”) that Hamill was in The Big Red One in 1980… Another non-Star Wars role where he plays a kind of naive kid character… Loved the podcast though, great to hear your conversation about this one!

      • He sure is in it… I think he displays some real range there, and I’m not sure why the movie isn’t talked about more often (especially after Brad Pitt’s Fury came out, since The Big Red One is essentially the same movie, but better and with Lee Marvin). 29-year-old Hamill in a serious dramatic role as a soldier in World War II has elicited many a knowing chuckle and grimace from those I know, but I’ve never heard those chuckles after they actually see the movie. Samuel Fuller wrote a book of the movie, too, which I have and have even read some of.

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