Warner Archive New Releases – October 17, 2012

My apologies for be a bit late with this week’s new releases from the Warner Archive. I had some family in town.

– Hold Your Man (1933)
– The Secret Six (1931)
– Maya (1966)
– The Phynx (1970)
– Red Dust (1932)

4 thoughts on “Warner Archive New Releases – October 17, 2012

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  1. What is the Phynx? Who are these people? Why does that lady in the green dress have such big hair? Who is the band in the middle photo?

    I really think you ought to provide more explanation for your readers who don’t get out much, such as me.

    1. To answer your questions…search me! Hadn’t heard of the film until this week myself.

      I have considered giving more info on the Warner Archive releases, but that would take a lot more time. As it is, I pretty much put these posts together as I see new things hit the WA site each week. But if someone from the Archive felt like sending me advanced press releases, I would gladly expand my posts. HINT HINT…(pass it on to the Archive loyal readers)

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